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Bean Listens to Online Tonight 20 Smarts to Wisconsin, Barbie Barbell, Schmitty tells all 20 Episode 1 up, Pirates and lots of overcards 20 Classic Tech Talk All Night Long 20 Ray on privacy, and Next Internet Millionaire and Adroit 20 Smarts in Utah, Next Internet Millionaire and Schmitty 20 It's the economy, stupid, plus Adroit and Red Bar Radio 20 Potter as Merlyn, Harajuku rip-off and more objectivism 20 Classic Barr, Overton and Fraser 20 Google's big-ness, tech addiction and Sound Exchange 20 Smarts in Boise, Ray, Justin on objectivism and Schmitty!We've been blogging our shows, archiving the audio and show notes for each show, every night, since 2002 with Movable Type.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it.International, Duboc and Lockitch 20 Another look at Sheppard, Regina Lynn and Eminent Domain 20 Another Scare from Madagascar 20 Life Lock, Smart Family and the HT Guys 20 Why wills won't work, a Richtel altercation and Ray on records 20 Holiday satisfaction, burlesque 411 and housing woes 20 Reminiscing with Stebben, Mike D and Seltzer 20 The return of Mienke, Reverse Engineers and the Stool Edition of Sith Hitting the Fan 20 Take 2 on Candice, Infomercials and Cranky Wheaton 20 Re-Razor Pop, Re-Fraser and Re-Fletcher 20 More IGN at E3, Scott Fletcher and Pablo Francisco, again 20 An IGN E3 retrospective 20 Kristine organizes and feeds your focus, we return to E3 20 A second Sin-Chronized-City 20 Re-do: Walter, Pickett, Parsons and Mitnick 20 Raechel, Barnako and Troxell again 20 A look back at Angel, Chris and Radiosophy 20 Renembering Eddie Griffin, NYC Podcasting and Bada Bing 20 Recap of Sheppard, Bernstein and Golden 20 Another Guest who's downloading 20 Fresh Smart Family, Pud and Zarecki 20 Schmitty on Schaivo, The Strand and no more broadcasting 20 Livingston goes Star Track, Ayn Rand on Soc Sec and Wil flops a flush 20 Government steroids, body ads and housingmaps redux 20 Classic Pursuitwatch, Football and the Pope 20 Another Upside to Angle Brackets 20 Smarts almost home, Randy, Kit and the Cabal 20 Ostella, Average Joe's Wallet and Dr.

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20 Diana, True Credit and Linnea 20 Felder on Spitzer, Shutting up and Spam and Sushi 20 Cindy Alexander, Channon Lyttle and Schmitty 20 Wil Bigham, John Gray and J P Friere 20 Cooley in training, Ray on Micro Hoo and Schmitty gets hot 20 Lonely Boy with Second Life 20 Kurt, Gyu, Abigail and Schmitty 20 Colleen Foy and Mike Schmidt - together again , HDTV trends and video TOS 20 Burlesque 411, Radar Logic and wills 20 More true green russians, organizing, focus and customer satisfaction 20 Holiday tech, home again and True Green Russians 20 The Underground's voice, landing pages and producing in Hollywood 20 The best Smart phone, Inventables and Hell's Kitchen 20 A-Rod, politics and perfect passwords 20 Taking control of Leopard, dinner and Shangri-La 20 Manufacturing dissent, threesomes and WAIT 20 Cyberlaw, My Space for over-40s and Gettysburg 20 Birthdays, being unreasonable and bands 20 Green PCs, protest songs and Yoo on Rove 20 Dog fights, privacy and Let's Go Crazy 20 Steamstreet, Movable Type and Go To My PC 20 Home studios, backwards dating and Hell's Kitchen 20 On Barry Bonds, intelligence and video podcasting 20 Indie film distribution, RV coaches and vocal coaches 20 Mom fights, free wifi and Ray joins Habeas 20 Knock Knocked Up Again 20 Hooked, Hi Tech Mommy and gay bombs 20 Complete Muche, seafoam and the Toolbar's out 20 Verizon's music, Cincinnati Smart, and SWISA extended 20 Film distributed, spammers arrested, geishas Americanized 20 New Marino and Chapman, plus Wayside TV 20 Kiptronic, tall women and steroids 20 Extended Dead HD Silence 20 More updates, Goodnight Burbank and Hamil Casting 20 Bubba's world, Consequences and Wheaton's update 20 Secrets of Screen Acting, Williamsburg and Gnomedex 7 20 Screwups, NAB and outlawing Spam 20 Mashups, Barbecue and Briefs 20 Ghost Writer II 20 Planetwide Games, Podcasting for Profits and Family Affair on TVLand 20 Jay Bhatti, Evan Malone and Jake Zim 20 Sina, Gause and Cialdini all debut 20 Planet Wide contest, plus Podcasting for Profit and Family Affair on TVLand 20 Recycled Notepads on a Scandal 20 Naughty Mommy, Jet Cast revealed and autism explained 20 Getting married, Ruby'd and laid virtually 20 Committing to war, LA and a new camera 20 Three different takes on Don Imus' Nappy Headed Ho comments 20 Pardo and Schmitty, Braintracks and IRS laptops stolen 20 Beta Dog II 20 Schmitty on podcasting, the amazing Neti Pot and Podcamp NYC 20 All About Walken, HD Radio and The Smart Family 20 Schmidt's all new, Infinite Black Suitcase and Lines 20 Method Fest, the Wii and The Riches' French 20 BESS, Tech President and The Riches 20 Jericho, Dead Men Walking and Nicole Sheridan 20 SFVIFF, Yoga for Real Guys and Sleep Apnea 20 Hooked in paperback, Handel on the law and Prosper revisited 20 FAQtory Replacement Parts 20 Memories of Earthquakes, Mergers and the best Tech of 2007 20 Wheaton and Louderback and not-so-new Drew 20 Replay it with Frazer, Eric, Steven and Mia 20 Renee and Devin and Tim and Eric 20 New Durst and Alten, Classic Lennon Sisters 20 For your further Defragmentation 20 Again with the wine and the zeroes and the direct response 20 Post Plaster City Digital Post, Hellish Holidays and Podango 20 More Pardo, Schmitty, Naked Trucker, T-Bone and Karp 20 An encore of Carbonite, Privacy Clue and Scarlett Letter 20 Memories of Boston Burlesque, Pluggd and Sargent 20 Another spin at the Online Casino Royale 20 Another pass at Game Spy, VDC and the Poker Player Alliance 20 Feed The Pig, CES 07 and Futile and Stupid Gesture Revisited 20 Fresh Schmidt and Keith and the Girl and Ray return 20 Schmitty returns with Stebben and Salas 20 Ray and Anonymous Live and an encore of Reuter 20 A Second Shot at Ebook Promotion Central 20 Apprentice, predictions and XMen 20 New Yoo and even more wonderful lives and milliondollarhomepages 20 Another bit of CD USA in HD, Without ABox and Ask Leo 20 Revisiting Patrick, Carmen and Cindy 20 Sam has 7 More Friends and hating Vista all over 20 Flashed Away Again 20 Hear it again - La Marre, Lamar and Lawrence 20 Best of Brett, Tim and Meaghan 20 Again with the Wil, the Lynda and the Yates 20 Back to Dean, Randy and Ned 20 Another round of Leslie, Alexander and Scott 20 I'm sorry...please Press1Press2 Again 20 More Scoble, More Schmitty, More Elk 20 Refried Pills, Revision3 and Security 20 Hot Cat and Cool French and Isaacs 20 Second helpings of Jane, Cindy and Eric 20 A look back at Romero, Black and Castro 20 Secondary School for Soundforge 20 New Good and Schmidt, warmed up Rice 20 Seeing double Celsius, Turner and Gibson 20 Classic Berg, Gibson and Stebben 20 All new True Credit, Helping the Nice Guy and mobiles on planes 20 Eric is back with Paulo and Kirby 20 Further Defragged 20 More Doors, Bullies and Stem Cells 20 Another round of Gibson's homeowner horrors, Jami and Taix 20 More grabbing of prices, firing of peace and never funny 20 Forget Tax Day - remember Sweetin, Folino and Schmitty 20 A look back at Lawrence, Stockman and West 20 Another Page Jack Number 2 20 Another dose of Eric, Steve and Peter 20 More SVFW, more Ira, and a thousand more words 20 Yoo Take 2, Razz and Gnomedex 06 20 A second helping of Satan's Angel, XBOX 360 and FCC Indecency 20 The best of A New Tomorrow, Baghdad ER and Signing Time 20 Extensible Further 20 Previously on DLS - Proctor, Pondillo and Schmitty 20 Another meetup with York, Lesko, Spiff and Fargo 20 Dean is new, Jon and Gabe and Sheppard are back 20 Live with Lakin, Suko and Anaid 20 Another Step Up Transformer 20 More of Evslin, the PTC and Eric's video collection 20 Checking back in with Echelon, obscene money and Eric for Comcast 20 More jingles, editing and bullying 20 Memories: Dailey Pike, Mitch Fatel and Jessie Marion 20 From the vault: Cartoon Network's Schwartz, Pod Check's Fletcher and disco's Alex 20 Another Devil Wears SATA 20 Looking back at O'Shannon, Schmitty and sleep apnea 20 A rewind: joe jobbed, Joy jobbed and Heidi ho!

20 Two with Cameron and one with Koff 20 Slow malted Whiskey Chicks, Glenn Morshower and Dana Gould 20 The best of Michael Bofshever, Jenn Selke and Steve Cunningham 20 Another Inconvenient Falsehood 20 Live with Staver and Schmidt 20 The return of Haselton, Alexander and Filipkowski 20 Fresh Felder, vintage Heyamoto and Florentine 20 A lot more Daskal, Cobb and Mazer 20 Wrap up of Wheaton, Fargo, Goldman and Pirillo 20 Another PDA Home Companion 20 A look back at Oscar parties and most anticipated games 20 The best of death by DVD, Eric's surgery and movies with messages 20 Examining Jessie's hate, copyright infringement and Zango 20 Fresh Cindy, Channon and Schmitty - live 20 A look back at Stockman, Stockdale and Stock-geek 20 USB Flight 93 reschedules 20 Wrap of Xmas Carol, Pondillo in Italy and Wil limps in 20 A couple of Chrisses come back 20 Mo' Steve, mo' Pondillo, mo' Bennett blues 20 Another taste of Cooley, Friess and Bubba 20 More Fraser, more Klau, more atheist porn 20 Another Aquamachine Play 20 Historicals from Friere, Toering and Valliant on Saint's Row, the FCC and Rand 20 More of Bob's parties, Sparky's email and Crigler's quizzes 20 Brandofino, Ahrens and Schmitty return 20 A look back at Levin, Lance and Vallance 20 Mo' Gibson on TV, Porter on rootkits and crying for Pondillo 20 Dell's Boot Block Party Rages On 20 Chitika's debut, Wired and Friess on podcating and Haselton hacks 20 Retro podcasting hacks, Morshower and mashups 20 Distant diffusion, Fletch and sex offenders 20 Back to Gada Be, Rob Giles and Ray in studio 20 More mimes, more movies, more Wau Wau 20 More than Just Friendsters 20 John Gray, Prevention's Marianne and Drupal phenom Dmitri 20 Justin's ADD is back, with Hinojosa and Schmitty 20 More on Casinos, Conflict and Clinton Gone Bad 20 Cooley, Everett-Church and Schmitty, live!

« July 2008 | September 2008 | October 2008 » 20: Green PCs, protest songs and Yoo on Rove Tuesday, September 30, 2008: Intel's Ralph Bond, Bill Crandall of AOL Music and's Richard Yoo, plus calls, instant messages and emails about pop culture, the day's news and a smattering of's The David Lawrence Show for a Tuesday.

20: Dog fights, privacy and Let's Go Crazy Monday, September 29, 2008: The 40 Year Old Boy's Mike Schmidt, Ray Everett-Church of Privacy and the EFF's Corynne Mc Sherry, plus calls, instant messages and emails about pop culture, the day's news and a smattering of's The David Lawrence Show for a Monday.

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