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With Tess having various contacts in the Boston underworld and a no-holds barred approach, she and Joel earned a reputation for being ruthless, to the point where their fellow survivors within the QZ did not attempt to cross them.

Tess is first seen when she enters Joel's apartment in the Boston Zone.

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commonly known as just "Cochran", is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Caramoan. A superfan of the series, Cochran asked that he be referred to by his last name (acknowledging that Jeff Probst refers to series favorites thus).

However, his decision did not gain him any leverage as he was eventually voted out.

He ultimately finished in 8th place after losing the Redemption Island duel to his tribemate Ozzy Lusth.

Highlights of his strategy included the use of Phillip Sheppard as a figurehead, a long-term undetected partnership with Dawn Meehan, and the well-timed late-game blindsides of power players and fellow Phillip puppeteers Andrea Boehlke and Brenda Lowe.In her first season of Survivor, Cusack was the leader of a majority all-female voting bloc.Todd Herzog (born January 29, 1985) is a former reality TV personality who became the winner of Survivor: China in 2007.The two become close, Tess even affectionately calling him "Texas" and the two flirted with each other during their missions, heavily relying upon each other in the post-pandemic world.It is unknown if the two were romantically involved at any point.

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A hardened survivor, she was the long-term "partner" of Joel.

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