Dating pathe records

The records were in both 10" and 12" sizes and were recorded by Master Sound Systems (MSS), using their "ffidelitone" system and also by Gui de Buire (and probably others).

There were a number of designs and colours and series, usually depending on the type of dance on the record.

The audiophile collector should note that often the same metalwork (mother/stamper) was used to press later editions, sonically little different from originals, at a fraction of the price.

However, the upside is that such pressings can produce quite stunning results when reproduced on good, simple equipment.

To play 78s you need the following equipment: Turntable: The first item you will need is a suitable turntable with variable speed.

Even the EMGs (large horn acoustic machines) cannot compete.

And of course only modern lightweight pickups can be used on vinyl pressings such as those produced by Historic Masters: not even thorns can be used without damage.

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