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Unfortunately, Ivy Date fails to exclude enough people.

With an acceptance rate that is rapidly approaching zero—or, as we like to think of it, “perfect exclusivity”—we simply shouldn’t have to deal with anything less than the choicest crop of the world’s finest institutions. News and World Report survey ranked this institution 15th on its list of top universities. If we let in number 15 now, what is stopping us from taking 151 later?

Ivy Date would do well, then, to separate the wheat from the chaff. If this is supposed to be an exclusive service, why was Cornell included? If we start letting in the riff-raff now, it won’t be long before we are on the same dating sites as students (we use the term loosely here) from such esteemed institutions as the University of Alabama.

As all sensible Harvard undergrads know, what we look for most in a partner is pedigree.

Long story short, for me, it's about how often this gets shown off.In the end, what is the purpose of marriage if not to secure our children a stronger, or even dual, legacy status?And what do we give them if, when they apply to college, we can say: “You know your mother still knows some people over at Dartmouth! Ivy Date claims to cater to those “who value intellectual curiosity, love of learning, drive, and determination,” which is all fine and well for those who need to justify themselves with that sort of thing, but we don’t.If Harley/Ivy had been the more commonly abusive with Harley/Joker being the lighter relationship, I'd probably be supporting Harley/Joker, but it isn't, so there's no point in guessing. I love both Harley and Ivy, and I've never tried to hide the fact I'm gay. But because of that, I do want to see more gay characters in comics. Games and movies (especially from Hollywood) are flooded with strong, white male heroes, and there are rarely any heroes of other ethnicities.But if you're a white male, it can be very hard to notice this, or even understand that it's a problem for a lot of people.

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