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Problems were many, but the biggest problem would have been the creators of Train Man : Densha Otoko trying to recreate the success of that movie by using the same formulaic setup.

Most notably in Train Man you had an incredibly timid boy falling in love with a well balanced and beautiful girl.

Three-part Japanese TV tanpatsu based on Sawaki Kotaro's long-selling non-fiction book of the same name.

Sawaki's book describes his journey from Asia to Europe in his youth.

Shield of Straw is set in a small Japanese town where a 7-year-old girl is found dead after being raped; DNA evidence fingers a suspect for a previous, similar crime still at large: Kiyomaru (Tatsuya Fujiwara).

His name and photo are released to the media and a manhunt begins.

She refuses to take things as they are for she fancies her harbor town of Nagasaki as Lisbon, Portugal.

” The movie certainly seemed promising with two appealing leads, Miki Nakatani and Takao Osawa, cast in a Christmas themed romantic comedy.

Furthermore the supporting cast features some excellent actors such as Juri Ueno, You and Hiraoka Yuuta.

But on Christmas, encouraged by the season of romance, she tries to materialize her once-in-a-lifetime love with the man of her dreams.

I hate to sound like the Scrooge but when it comes to “Christmas On July 24th Avenue” I would have to say “Bah Humbug!

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Yamazaki Takashi, director of the Always: Sunset on Third Street films, employs his talent for visual effects to give the battle scenes a feeling of grand scale.

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