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In case you hadn't heard, Prince Harry is currently taken — and by a pretty stellar lady, might we add.While this certainly isn't the first time Prince Harry has dated someone who isn't a fellow royal or from a "noble" family, his relationship with actress Meghan Markle has already bucked a few typical traditions.

Read More WPA Position Statement on Mental Health in the Workplace Mental Health in the workplace refers specifically to those who are employed, have or develop mental health problems and may lose their work as a result of their mental ill-health.Read More WPA Declarations and Position Statements WPA calls for greater global focus on improving quality of mental health care for women in the perinatal phase.Read More Click here to view more Position Statements WPA Guidance Papers are published WPA Secretary General, being the editor of the WPA Website and the WPA News, facilitates the process of their publication."Anyone courting any member of royalty should first respect the lover, but secondly (and equally as important), respect the institution to which their new squeeze represents and act in a civilized and dignified manner," Hanson tells us.To do so includes following a few simple rules of etiquette and manners, which Hanson has so kindly filled us in on.

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